BeauMac. We Catch Big Fish!

For over 25 years BeauMac has been helping Pacific Northwest anglers make the most out of each fishing trip. From our super bouyant Cheaters™ to our famous Pro-Glow Egg Cures™, we have the tools that make hauling in those lunkers easy!
(Well not that easy... you still got to reel 'em in!)


Super bouyant Cheaters™ help float up your bait off the bottom for the perfect presentation. A favorite of NW anglers for over 20 years, Cheaters™ are available 48 proven colors and six sizes.

Bait & Bait Cures

Our Pro-Glow Egg and Bait Cures are a favorite of Salmon and Steelhead anglers from the Columbia up to the Kenai. We also have your attractants covered with vibrant yarns and artificial baits.

Floats & Accessories

Big to small, slow to fast - no matter the water condition we've got a float to fish them. Our floats are available in four different materials, so you can be sure to find the float that fits your fishing style best.

Pre-Tied Rigs

Over 25 years of R&D have helped us cultivate a fantastic line of pre-tied leaders and lures that big fish love to attack. If you are going for trophy for Walleye, Trout, Steelhead, Salmon or Halibut, we have a pre-tied rig for you.

Terminal Tackle & Tools

When you reach into your tackle box, you should be reaching for quality. Beau Mac terminal tackle is built well to make sure you land the Big One. The same quality and performance is built into our pliers and fishing tools.